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Uncovering the Untold: A Journey into 1921 Tulsa

For the next several weeks, our students will take an in-depth look into the 1921 destruction of "Black Wall Street," the Tulsa Race Massacre. This tragedy left hundreds dead and thousands homeless and destitute, decimating a thriving Black community through racially-motivated violence.

Now, 100 years later, a journey into the past is underway to uncover the untold stories of this event, bringing both heartache and hope.

The Tulsa Race Massacre serves as a powerful reminder of the terror inflicted upon African Americans and of the long-standing racism that has been prevalent in America.

Despite the destruction, 1921 is an inspiring display of the African American community's courage, resilience, and tenacity in the face of injustice. Many survivors showed incredible strength and courage to rebuild their lives and communities in the wake of such devastation.

This time in America's history serves not just as a reminder of our past but also as a reminder of our collective power to overcome oppression and injustice.

Join us as we uncover the untold legacy of 1921 Tulsa and explore the resilience and strength of the Black community despite such adversity.

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