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Ronald & Latasha H. Fields, Founders 

Pastors, Evangelists, Home Educators, and Parental Rights Advocates; 21st Ward Committeewoman and 5th Ward Field Organizer; Pro-life and 2nd Amendment Advocates.

Advocating for and developing sound, effective policies.

our mission

Team Illinois's mission is to serve and build community engagement across the State, protect future generations, and advocate for and develop policies and initiatives that restore families and empower communities.

Taking Meeting Notes

our focus

To bring common-sense solutions within the framework of our five "Life Initiatives"—a blueprint to guide our building process and to help every Illinoians thrive.

Team Illinois was launched in 2022, the result of a statewide campaign that united people from across the state who were committed to advancing conservative principles in Illinois. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to continue building upon the foundations of conservatism and working collaboratively within the framework of our "5 Life Initiatives."

We aim to bridge the gap between members of our community and foster a greater sense of unity, understanding, and respect for sound policies and initiatives that will protect children, empower our families, promote economic development, and create lasting, positive change.

Our path to restoration: 

Connect to Inform to Change

Amos Partners

We are a free association of organizations dedicated to preserving traditional conservative values, united by our shared principles, which motivate us and unite us in our common goal.


We are committed to protecting the fundamental rights of parents, freedom of speech, and empowering economic opportunities for our communities.

team impact

We are working to build community engagement around the state, with a special focus on Chicago, to address the challenge of inadequate responsible government representation in socioeconomic issues.

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