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Parental Rights Bills

Stay informed about the latest bills and policies being proposed and enacted. Decide whether to support or oppose them and understand how they may impact your rights as a parent.

bills passed

Senator Villivalam (D-Chicago) proposed an Amendment to HB 5188 that would bring forth a controversial K-12 sexual education law.


To the delight of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, the ACLU and Equality Illinois, the bill is widely supported by "LGBT" activists.

We urge all state lawmakers to take a stand against this unjust and tyrannical bill.


This inexcusable legislation goes against the family values of many households across Illinois and should not be passed. Let your voice be heard and make a difference!

Parents have the responsibility of guiding and teaching their children about sexual health, according to when and how they deem appropriate in line with their beliefs. It is not the domain of governments or public schools to take on this role.

The feedback and support of thousands of parents, grandparents, and other citizens was made clear in the opposition to a certain bill, yet despite this Springfield "Progressives" neglected to take our opinions into consideration.

SB 1283, often inaccurately referred to as the "Gender-Affirming Health Care Protection Act", does nothing to protect children from facing irreversible damage in life. This is very concerning.

SB 1283 gives adults from states which prohibit surgery, hormone therapy, and puberty blocking the opportunity to bring children to Illinois for access to these treatments.

Despite the medical interventions, transgender individuals remain highly vulnerable to suicide, substance abuse and mental health issues like gender dysphoria. 

Senator Simmons might not understand that with proper help and support, the majority of children can overcome their confusion.


Additionally, the number of people de-transitioning from gender transition is on a rise.

This is horrific and must be stopped!

Repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion Act

  • The law removes the requirement for minors to notify a parent, guardian, or family member at least 48 hours before obtaining an abortion.

  • This repeal allows minors to make confidential and autonomous decisions about their reproductive health.

  • This law prevents parents from being unaware of their child's decision to get an abortion and from being involved in minors' healthcare decisions.

  • This law enables the abuse and rape of minor girls.

  • This law allows the state to regulate healthcare decisions for minors.

HB 1286 legalizes and allows the construction or conversion of "multiple occupancy restrooms" into "all-gender restrooms" complete with urinals, stalls, partitions, and signage so that both sexes may use the same multiple-occupancy restroom at the same time. 

On March 23rd, the House of Representatives successfully passed an important bill with a vote of 60 to 40, although all Republicans voted against it.


We urge you to contact your state senator and ask him/her to vote against HB 1286.


Ask them to reject the misguided agenda of this bill that disregards indisputable facts. Request them to respect the rights and security of all Illinois citizens.

HB 1596 seeks to remove gender-specific pronouns from numerous laws related to children, replacing them with more gender-neutral phrases such as “the child” in order to promote a more inclusive and equitable environment. We strongly oppose this bill due to its detrimental impact on our God-given gender identities.

Proposed: The Abused and Neglecting Child Protection Act

  • The bill criminalizes parents who deny their child access to certain medical care, including primary care services, abortion services, or gender-affirming services, expanding the definition of parental abuse and neglect.

  • Parents who oppose these interventions for their children could face legal consequences, including potential prosecution, up to 15 years in prison, fines up to $25, 000, and the possibility of their child being removed from their care by state authorities.

  • The bill raises concerns about the extent of government intervention in family matters and the erosion of parental rights.

  • It challenges the traditional role of parents as the primary decision-makers for their children's well-being, especially when any adult can take a child to receive sensitive medical and healthcare procedures.

  • This could fundamentally alter the dynamics within families, creating a potential rift between parents and children and undermining the authority of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs and values.

  • It absolves the liability of healthcare professionals providing these medical services to a minor child.

We appreciate our friends at the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) for their e-Alert regarding important pieces of legislation that we need to support or oppose. Please take the time to read the bill synopsis, complete the witness slips, and share this page with your family and friends.

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bills To Support

(Cabello) – This bill increases penalties for someone caught giving or selling firearms while in custody of the Dept. of Corrections.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 4332.

(La Ha) — This adds sex trafficking to the definition of the Sex Offender Registration Act.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 5134

(Gong-Gershowitz) – Under this bill, if someone is convicted of obscene depiction of a purported child, that person is ineligible to receive a school bus driver permit. This bill goes after the AI usages in child pornography in which a child appears to be, rather than is, portrayed in a sexual act.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 4623.

(Vella) – Increases penalties on those convicted of child pornography.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 4889.

bills To Oppose

(Ford) – Requires school districts (including charter schools) to include books that are written by diverse authors, including, but not limited to, authors who are African American, women, Native American, LatinX, and Asian. It also says that the reading material must not perpetuate bias against persons based on specified categories.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 2401.

 (Cassidy) — Makes it legal for minors 12 years and over to make their own family planning decisions unilaterally without parental consent if the family is on Public Aid.

ACTIONClick HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 5473.

(Croke) – This mandates public schools’ bullying prevention policies (that contain LGBTQ propaganda) into religious schools. This is against religious freedom as well as free speech.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 4133.

(Gonzalez) — Provides that the Secretary of State shall include data fields on its annual report form that allows a corporation to report the aggregated demographic information of its directors and officers, including race, ethnicity, gender, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Provides that, within 30 days after filing its annual AG990-IL Charitable Organization Annual Report, a corporation that reports grants of $1,000,000 or more to other charitable organizations shall post on its publicly available website the aggregated demographic information of the corporation’s directors and officers, including race, ethnicity, gender, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 4595.

(Cassidy) – Prohibits the state from cooperating or providing any information to those seeking to impose a civil or criminal liability upon out-of-staters seeking abortion-related services in Illinois. Specifically, this legislation shields from liability anyone in Illinois refusing to cooperate with any out-of-state law enforcement entities or agencies.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 5239.

ACCESS GENDER CARE (CANTY) Amends the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Act. Excludes from the definition of “abuse” obtaining, seeking, or facilitating lawful health care for a minor child by a parent (see definition of abuse below). This bill mandates that the court limit parental control over a child’s “gender change”. It even interferes with parents’ rights from other states. An insidious bill.

ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 5548.

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