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Redefining Education: Choose Differently.

Choose Differently - The underlying philosophy of homeschooling or private education is to unlock the potential of every learner and create opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

These options encourage students to think outside the box, create alternative solutions, and explore different paths, allowing them to break traditional boundaries and pursue a unique path tailored to their talents and interests.


It's an old yet rewarding way of learning that gives students more freedom than ever before and creates a brighter future for tomorrow.

School choice has become an important topic in recent years. It is gaining momentum nationwide, particularly since the pandemic began, as families seek greater flexibility and control over their children's education. In addition, the movement has been bolstered by increasing access to digital learning resources, alternative schooling models, and other innovative strategies to provide better educational opportunities for all students.

Sadly, in most US States, especially Illinois, homeschooling or private schools are the ONLY  viable options for education. Unfortunately, government and local school bodies have been trying to limit the power of parents, so it is crucial to stand up for one's rights to remain informed and involved in decisions about your children's education. 

With unique educational options, parents can ensure their children receive the most comprehensive, high-quality, and morally sound education possible.  

Protecting your autonomy and freedom to raise your children as you see fit is paramount!

school choice in ilLINOIS

We support Illinois's private school choice programs, "Invest in Kids Program" and "Tax Credits for Educational Expenses."


These programs have helped many families in Illinois send their children to the participating private schools of their choice.


We support school choice advancement in Illinois for private schools and agree that the money should follow the student to the school of their choice without government overreach or interference. 

However, we urge homeschooling families to protect their educational autonomy by avoiding taking government funds because of the bureaucratic overreach that is generally attached to so-called free money.

It is disconcerting to see the abject academic failures and the high level of moral decline within the educational system. With the quality of education declining in government schools, it is time for parents to consider other alternatives and take the necessary steps to get their kids out of these educational institutions.

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