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Our educational, medical, and welfare systems fail to meet the needs of our families, children, and the entire nation.

Parental Rights
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Parents have the fundamental right to take control of their child's upbringing, education, and care. This right is God-given and should not be infringed upon.

In the 1925 decision of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a compulsory attendance act that required all parents to send their students to public schools instead of private or religious schools.


The court concluded that the act was unconstitutional because it "unreasonably interferes with the liberty of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control."

Since the early 1920s, the U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged parents’ significant role in overseeing and making decisions on behalf of their young children. This includes bearing responsibility for their child's care, custody, and control.

The Supreme Court in Wisconsin v. Yoder pronounced that parental rights are a fundamental American tradition unassailable to doubt or debate. 406 US 205, 232 (1972). Unfortunately, many government bodies and agencies are trying to take over parenting decisions, substituting a parent's view with the government worker's opinion of what is best for a child. 

Numerous experts, such as school administrators, hospital staff, and child welfare investigators, claim to have the knowledge to make decisions concerning your child which may differ from yours. This happened for a long time, but the pandemic made it more apparent. We learned how much control the government wants over our kids, which caused us a lot of pain and distress.

Every kid is unique in the way God has created them, and no one can understand or love them more than their parents. Mother and Father - God gave them to you, so YOU are the best for your kids.

Parental Rights in Education

Parents and educational experts are often in disagreement when it comes to decisions concerning children's education.


This creates tension between the parents and professionals, as the parents want what they think is best, which generally outweighs the academic projection, while the professionals have a more academic approach and agenda.

Government schools have failed to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to equip children with important mathematics, language arts, and reading comprehension skills. 

They seem more concerned with limiting or entirely denying parents any "right" to know what is being taught or to be present on school grounds when their child is in attendance or even wanting to make public education mandatory or universal as a means of total control and the destruction of the nuclear family.

Parents, it is time to rethink education. Government-funded schooling is failing and appears to be more focused on attacking and undermining parental authority, pushing ideas of racial divisiveness, introducing explicit sexual content and gender ideology, and encouraging the mutilation of children's bodies by denying their God-given biological makeup.


We should use scriptural evidence to build a strong case for the importance of a morally sound education whenever possible. A strong educational foundation can develop good character, help children cultivate their life skills, and teach them how to apply those principles practically.


There are countless reasons to consider an alternative to public school education for your children that offer undeniable benefits, making them a strong case for any parent. Children deserve a quality education that will enable them to achieve unparalleled success.

It's about time to Get ‘Em Out! Any system or person that undermines your parental authority in your child's life is an enemy to you.

Parental Rights in Medical Care and Child Welfare​

Don't assume you have the legal authority to make medical decisions for your child - this right is being withdrawn frequently. More and more, we are witnessing cases where this authority is no longer vested in the parent.

Countless parents are unjustly deprived of their parental rights, with some even losing permanent custody. Without a robust legal framework in place, court and government representatives can get away with continuing the status quo. 

Unnecessary interventions in families where a healthcare worker's opinion conflicts with that of fit parents can lead to the removal of children from their homes. Intrusive investigations with no evidence of abuse or neglect should not be conducted in these cases.

The erosion of a parent's right to make medical decisions for their child is becoming increasingly concerning in today's world. According to a 2016 report, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States, which is proof that doctors are not infallible.


Despite their expertise, physicians do not have a better edge to make difficult decisions for a child than that of a caring parent. Despite the growing amount of evidence showing the errors in medical practice, states are still listening to and following doctors' and pharma companies' calls to restrict parents' rights in making healthcare decisions.

In 2015, California passed the SB 277 legislation to strip parents of their right to make informed medical decisions about their child's vaccinations. This law was met with much criticism and sparked similar bills in 19 other states, all of which did not pass. However, in 2021, as many as 30 states have already introduced similar legislation.

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