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The Amos 3:3 Coalition is a free association of organizations and individuals who collaborate to protect traditional Biblical-conservative values. We are connected by this living legacy, which inspires us and strengthens our bond in purpose and solidarity. By working together, we can achieve even greater heights than what any of us could have accomplished individually.

As partners in Amos 3:3, we can amplify our collective voices, sphere of influence, and faith to bring about meaningful change and common-sense solutions. Throughout history, unity has been proven to be the source of a nation's strength, and we are committed to continuing that important work today.























































Shaping Sound Policies

Coming together to advocate for better policies is crucial in our communities. By effectively collaborating with community members and government officials, we can build stronger bridges toward implementing sound, impactful policies that benefit everyone and align with Biblical values.

Empowering Your Voice

Individuals must vocalize their opinions to inform and defend voters about relevant issues and legislation. By speaking out, we can provide valuable information that helps voters make informed decisions without compromising their faith.

Leading the Charge

Empowering and preparing future leaders to take impactful actions in both social and political spheres. By providing them with the necessary training, we can equip them with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to drive positive societal change that rooted in faith.

Putting Families First

We adhere to a Biblical worldview that parents have the  God-given authority to make decisions about their children's education, medical care, health and well-being. We expose and inform parents of egregious educational policies as a means of exiting government schools, not reforming. 


Get Involved

In today's world, it is important for everyday citizens, particularly those with a Kingdom-minded perspective, to actively engage in government affairs like never before. Your involvement can positively impact shaping the future and creating a society that reflects your values and beliefs. 

To make a difference in policy and impact decision-making, from local municipalities to the nation's capital, it is crucial for people of faith to wholeheartedly embrace and stand on the Word of God without compromise. We must be unapologetic when fighting the good fight of faith. We must come together and demonstrate unwavering dedication to this important task so that our voices can be heard and a revival can take place in the hearts and minds of people.

We firmly believe that individuals of faith have both the right and the duty to actively engage with the world they live in. This engagement encompasses various aspects, including participating in community initiatives, advocating for social causes, and being politically active. We strongly value everyone's voice in shaping our political landscape because every opinion matters. 

If you are passionate about creating positive change for families in Chicago and across the nation, your support for the Amos 3:3 Coalition could make a difference in our efforts to strengthen families and communities.

Become a coalition partner: We have the power to create significant and positive change in our communities by uniting and upholding our shared values, which inspire others to take action.

Strengthen our Mission: Spread awareness about the work of the Amos 3 Coalition partners by sharing and posting their content. Stay updated by joining their email list.

Biblical Fellowship:  Join the Amos 3 Coalition's monthly Biblical fellowship! This is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and enhance our understanding of government and our responsibilities as citizens of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The fellowship takes place the last Monday on Zoom. Sign up now to join!

Registering voters:  Voting is a crucial step towards being a responsible citizen. It allows individuals to participate in the democratic process actively, make their voices heard, and promote civic engagement. Furthermore, our votes correlate to agreement, so we strongly encourage voters to vote according to their values.

Make a contribution:  The coalition partners of Amos 3 have the ability to make a significant impact in the communities they serve, not only in Illinois but also beyond. We encourage you to consider making generous donations to support the important work of these organizations.

Get Involved

Unite in Faith. Transform with Love.

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Agreement is Power.

We are excited to partner with organizations and individuals who are dedicated to achieving the same vision of hope and restoration for our communities. In order for your organization to be considered, it must agree that Biblical principles offer a unique perspective in understanding public policy, serving others, and building community efficacy.

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“When we agree with Christ and unite with each other, it brings about eternal change.”

-Evangelists Ronald & Latasha Fields

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