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Chicago Press Conference: Protecting Parental Rights in Illinois

Chicago Press Conference: Protecting Parental Rights in Illinois

Today, parents, community leaders, clergy, and concerned citizens delivered powerful and impactful statements on the alarming overreach of the government's intrusion into the private realm of family life, which threatens the fundamental rights of parents and endangers our children. The overreach and implications of HB4876, along with bills such as Public Act 102-0522: Comprehensive Sex Education (signed into law in August 2021), HB346: LGBT History (signed into law in August 2019), HB370: Repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act (signed in December 2021), and the proposed bill HB29: Parental Bullying Bill (introduced by Lashawn Ford on March 10, 2023) all represents a dangerous intrusion of government interference into the sacred domain of parental authority. These bills undermine the traditional family values that are the cornerstone of our society, eroding the authority of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs. These bills discriminate against people of faith by forcing them to comply with medical procedures that may conflict with their religious beliefs. These bills take away a parent's right to be fully informed about their children's education and medical care by allowing minors to consent to acts and learn inappropriate information and certain procedures without parental knowledge or consent. We urge you to join us in standing against any legislation that threatens parental rights. Contact your legislators, raise awareness in your communities, and support organizations like EPIC that are fighting to protect the rights of parents and families in Illinois. The fact of the matter is, and the unfortunate reality for some, is that the Democratic agenda is not just a threat to parental rights; it is a threat to the very foundation of our society. We must stand together, remain vigilant, and continue to advocate for policies that uphold parental rights and protect the well-being of our children and families in this state. To learn more, visit
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