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Community engagement, Reimagined.

Team Illinois is working to build community engagement around the state, particularly in Chicago. From Chicago to Cairo, the same problems persist in a government establishment working for its own interests, leaving communities impoverished, neglected, underserved, and over-taxation. 

Our team traveled to Cairo to discuss educational opportunities, economic development, and how we can help them thrive. We then forged ahead and conducted "Community Walks" across the South and West sides of Chicago to challenge everyday Chicagoans' narratives and preconceived notions about government accountability, the importance of being informed voters, and the state of public education.


And the response has been amazing! ​

What did we hear? The people want to be heard; they feel disenfranchised, marginalized, and unrepresented. They want criminals to be held accountable, strong families to be supported, and their children to receive a morally sound and robust education. Additionally, they desire tax relief and economic empowerment that restores and revitalizes their community.

Our incredible team has engaged hundreds of Chicagoans across the city's South and West sides in neighborhoods such as Washington Heights, Bronzeville, Englewood, Humbolt Park, Austin, Roseland/Pullman, Calumet Heights, Woodlawn, Hyde Park, South Shore, and Grant Park.

And the work continues!  



We see you, we love you and Team Illinois is working to fix Illinois for YOU! 

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Little Egypt Pilgrimage (Cairo)!

Led by former Lt. Gov. candidate Latasha H. Fields, our team began strategizing about the economic development opportunities available for Alexander and Pulaski Counties, which include Cairo and Mounds City!

Unfortunately, this area, like much of Illinois from Chicago to Cairo, has been forgotten by the political establishment in Illinois. Win or lose; our team vowed to fix Illinois.

Team Illinois is committed to helping our Southern neighbors tap into the development and educational opportunities available to build and thrive.


And we are honoring our commitment!

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Cairo Jr/High School Volleyball Team! 

Former Lt. Gov candidate Latasha Fields had an enjoyable time playing volleyball with Cairo's Junior/Senior High school students!

She showed Ta'Hije Fields, our kid committeeman, how to serve her baby girl!

We would like to express our gratitude to Principal Nelson and her staff for their warm welcome and dedication to helping the students of Cairo thrive!

"It was such a blessing to fellowship with our children and their mentors," said Latasha Fields.

We love you, Cairo!

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The LEADERSHIP of Cairo  

Councilman Anthony Brown, one of the great municipal leaders, welcomed us into the great city of Cairo with open arms! His leadership and knowledge of the city are invaluable, and the city is fortunate to have him as a leader!

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the blessed opportunity to meet Councilman Rodney Moore, Danny Brown, and all the great leaders of Cairo and Mound City.

They shared a wealth of knowledge and expressed their desire to restore Southern Illinois.

We are grateful that they made time to speak with our team about the essential issues that matter to the resilient people of Southern Illinois.

We look forward to continuing this relationship and having future meetings with Cairo's leadership and the leadership of surrounding cities to strategize and develop educational opportunities, economic development, and more.

Helping Illinois Thrive!

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Let's be the voices of change and bring about inspiring transformation.

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