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"Your child's future is non-negotiable."-Latasha H. Fields

We strongly believe that parents have the fundamental right, authority, and responsibility to educate and oversee the total well-being of their children.

As advocates for parental rights and the protection of children, we do not support the one-size-fits-all indoctrination of government schools that are dumbing down children, usurping parents' fundamental rights, and perverting and inundating the minds of innocent children with highly inappropriate sexual content, allowing children as young as eight years old to be exposed to sexual pleasures such as masturbation, and Marxist ideologies that teach the destruction of the nuclear family.

The more important matter of the law is their souls, not academics, sports, or this "so-called" peer-related social environment in which you think your kids are thriving. No, not anymore; the socialization is rooted in ungodliness, a bed of filthy conversations.

The scriptures are very clear in denouncing any kind of sexual perversion or immoral behavior. We will ultimately be accountable to God for our actions, and as parents, we will have to answer for the teaching and guidance we provide our children. We must also be aware of who influences them and what they are taught.

Children in School Bus

no guarantee

Your child is not guaranteed to be fully protected from exposure to sexual perversions and ungodly dogma from their peers and teachers who agree with such standards.

Hands Raised

no guarantee

There is no guarantee that schools will uphold the law regarding your right to opt your child out of the standards.

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no guarantee

There is no guarantee of protection from a school that does not adopt the National Sex Education Standards (NSES); the sexualized societal norms such as gender ideology and sexual orientation will still influence all aspects of their education and the culture of public schools. As a result, many schools will inevitably feel pressured by the leftist purveyors to comply with or accommodate those children.

Is it time for a mass exodus? Or opt your child out?
You decide. 

Parents, 29K per student, yet Shockingly, a staggering 83% of our children Can't read, while an alarming 92% are currently failing in math!!

Illinois parents have three viable school choices when it comes to protecting their children.

Open Your Own Private School: We need to act now and save our children by reviving the concept of community or localized schools. Take a look at our Kitchen Table steps - a unique approach to starting a school.

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