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It's time to EXIT Government Schools!

Welcome to our petition to build our own schools based on the Booker T. Washington model of the one-room schoolhouse! We are advocating for a return to a simpler, more effective approach to education that focuses on the individual needs of students and fosters a strong sense of community.

Our goal is to gather support from parents, educators, and community members who believe in the power of small, community-centered schools to provide a high-quality education for our children. By signing our petition, you are joining a movement to reimagine education and take control of our children's futures.

The Booker T. Washington model emphasizes the importance of practical skills, character development, and a strong work ethic. It is a model that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire educators and parents alike.


Join us in advocating for change and building a better future for our children. Sign our petition today and help us create a new vision for education based on the principles of the Booker T. Washington model. Together, we can build our own schools and empower our children to succeed.

To learn more about our philosophy on building our own schools, visit 

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