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Republican grassroots activists vent post-election frustration at Illinois GOP

BOLINGBROOK — More than a hundred grassroots activists, defeated candidates and party loyalists descended on a meeting of the Illinois Republican Party’s top leaders on Saturday, voicing frustration over last month’s election results that extended the state’s one-party Democratic governance.

But after four hours and nearly 60 speakers, Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy survived a sometimes raucous Republican State Central Committee meeting at the Bolingbrook Golf Club to continue as head of the state party after contending some outside the state GOP were stirring dissent and seeking to challenge his leadership in order to try to boost their internet presence.

“These were people that worked hard and we are all very disappointed in the outcome of the election and this was an opportunity for them to share their concerns and their ideas and we’re here to listen to them,” Tracy said.

Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy presents the next person to speak during a meeting of the Republican State Central Committee at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022 in Bolingbrook.

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