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Have you registered for the Black Conservative Summit?

I am speaking at the BLACK CONSERVATIVE SUMMIT. Please check out my talk if you're attending the event!

Don't miss this exciting movement! Now is the time to be bold and proclaim our beliefs

so that we can defend our families, protect our children, and secure our values and freedoms with unwavering determination.

Igniting the Path to Real Equality.

Join me at 9:55 a.m. in the Grand Ballroom, where I will be a panelist to discuss "Education Choice: Real Equality Requires Choice," the importance of parent-directed education, and the moral compass of our children, with an emphasis on homeschooling and other alternatives to public education, such as our "Kitchen Table School," private schools, co-ops, pods, and micro-schools, are cultivating socioeconomic empowerment and expanding opportunities for the black communities and promoting lifelong learning.

This is an opportunity to champion the causes we believe in and take a stand for what we hold dear. So let us unite to rise as one powerful voice defending our future!

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