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🚨They are not stopping!

Here's another bill alert:

SB3316 Provides Mental Health Screenings to Public School Students, which amends the existing Children's Mental Health Act.

This proposed bill will implement “universal mental health" screening of students, which is a blatant overreach that undermines parental authority.

Visit Illinois Family Institute to Take Action and vote NO on this bill, as it is another bill that erodes the foundations of parental autonomy to make informed decisions about their children's healthcare.

Click here to Take Action now!

Why vote No?

Illinois bureaucrats are NOT to be trusted. They will take advantage of any genuine mental illness and use it to usurp all parental rights and destroy children for the anti-Christ globalist agenda.

For example, several bills have been proposed, one of which would give children aged 12 and over the right to make their own family planning decisions if their families receive public aid, leveraging folks' economic vulnerability against them!

Additionally, bills passed that teach LGBT History, sexually explicit content (CSE), grooming, and gender ideology are all egregious policies that parents are currently fighting against.

Now, they want to implement “universal mental health” screening without parental consent, which is why voting NO against this measure is important.

This is another heavy-handed approach that will not only disempower families but also set another dangerous precedent of government intrusion into the sacred parent-child relationship.

Because of all this dogma, it is time to consider exiting! #Exit2Protect

Yet, some say…

“Most don't have the luxury to homeschool. Well, it's not a luxury; it's actually a sacrifice.

Or some say…

Most can't afford to homeschool. Well, you can't afford “Not” to take them out! 

So, on that note, this is why I encourage other families to help other families, bring kids to your “Kitchen Table,” open up small co-op schools, and for more churches to become rescue centers, to step and help rescue children from these indoctrination cesspools, these Temples of Moloch.”

People, Where there is a will, there is a way!

This is what I proposed. What would you propose to address a government that is destroying children?

Visit for more info on these school's options.

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