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Every Jump Counts!

Happy Father's Day and Juneteenth Jubilee! Join us from June 19th to July 4th for the #JuneteenthJump celebration of freedom and fun by donating to CHESS Basement2Building Fund (#B2B)!

Hey friends, it's time to jump, donate, and celebrate the joy of our resilience, freedom, and fun with our Juneteenth Jubilee Jump-a-Thon! So far, we have raised $20,000 for our Basement2Building Fund! The funds from the Jump-a-Thon will go towards the purchase of a much-needed building that will serve the increasing number of families on Chicago's Southside who seek to provide their children with a safe and stable learning environment, away from the insanity of public schools.

The event kicks off tomorrow, Monday, June 19th, at noon, and the whole family can join in by grabbing their jump rope, hopper balls, pogo stick, or even jumping on a trampoline! And share your fun on social media with the hashtag #JuneteenthJump. Don't forget to donate to CHESS so we can jump from the basement to the building by visiting Thank you for your support! Blessings!

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