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Edgewood Middle School investigating after anatomy game turns sexually explicit in health class

More parents should speak up against sexually explicit health curricula, as it violates children's innocence.


Hopefully, more students and parents will speak out against sexually explicit, so-called "health curricula," no matter how "well-intentioned" they may claim it to be; it's just wrong. But unfortunately, parents often find out after the fact when their child's innocence has been violated.

Then, some feel like something was missed or overlooked that could have prevented the situation from occurring. But, no, not really; the schools are deliberately usurping parental rights and not informing parents of the full content of this curriculum.

Ask your kids questions when they come home; it is important for parents to be vigilant to protect their children and ensure their safety. Parents should also demand transparency in the curriculum. This is not a game; it is happening on your watch, whether you are privy to it or not.

There are too many incidents; some sick people are taking advantage of this for their perverse pleasure. Are we really ready for the inevitable consequences if this is not stopped? The long-term effects and emotional trauma are damaging, devastating, and potentially irreparable for some children.

I said, "Get them out; protect your child, NOW!"

Join one of our Education Pandemic Townhalls coming up. We will discuss the root of this filthy curriculum and how parents can explore alternatives to government education.

Kids should acquire quality academic, vocational, trade, and entrepreneurial skills and be encouraged to pursue a career rather than being exposed to inappropriate sexual content.

Please spread the word and let your family and friends know as well. We hope to see you there!


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