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Celebrate the American Creed: Homeschool Style!

Last week was eventful, and to top it off, our homeschool group (CHESS) was invited to participate in the Chicago town hall in the South Shore community with Vivek Ramaswamy.

We read our "American Creed," a creed I wrote years ago that we read daily at school during devotion time. He even visited my husband's barbershop (3rd Phase Barbershop) located in South Shore to engage in some barbershop politics and get his hair cut.

During the town hall and barbershop visit, the community asked some tough questions ranging from affirmative action, and immigration, to reparations, giving Vivek a lot to consider. Afterward, a press conference was held at South Shore High School.

This was an opportunity to express our concerns and learn about a presidential candidate's plans for the country and how they would negatively or positively impact the Black community.

I want to thank Mrs. Kathy Barnette, Vivek's National Grassroots Director, for asking Devin Jones, the Chairman of South Side Republicans, and me to help facilitate the town hall.

A big thank you to all the amazing volunteers, business owners, and community members who made their voices heard and made the event a success. You all are representing that Chicago wins, no matter what!

It was not, and is not, a sign of support; rather, it was an opportunity to make our voices heard. We appreciate Vivek for showing up.

Hopefully, more Republican candidates and elected officials will follow suit and show up in our community to fill the void of those who feel politically homeless so that the issues we care about can be voiced. We need sound policies that will bring actual change to our community. It's time to stop playing political ping-pong with our lives and get REAL solutions.

This is a democracy, and we have two parties. Leaders lead, and we are supposed to have options, right? So it's time to stop saying what's wrong with us when you never show up.

As I always say, you cannot govern that which you fear.

Check out some pictures from the event!

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