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Celebrate #BlackHistory365~Read On!

We celebrate #BlackHistory365 days a year by commemorating and honoring those who have come before us, deepening our children's understanding of the African American experience, recognizing the struggles they faced, celebrating their immense courage and strength in overcoming adversity, and recognizing the resilience they left behind as a lasting legacy for future generations.

This week, we embark upon the resilient life of #WeReadBiddyMason.

Biddy Mason was a remarkable African American woman who dedicated her life to helping others. Born into slavery, she worked hard and eventually gained her freedom.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, she built a successful business as a nurse and midwife and used her wealth to benefit the community.

She was also deeply devoted to religion, becoming a leader in the local church. Her legacy is remembered for her courage, strength, and commitment to helping those in need.

Ignite the Power of Reading! ~Support our Read-a-Thon

This amazing initiative celebrates the power of literacy and helps our organization to further its work in assisting more families.

Please show your support for #OurCommunityReads by tagging us or using #ReadathonForEducation today!

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