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A Year-Round Celebration of Boldness, Bravery, and Black History.

This week, we embark upon the resilient life of Elizabeth Freeman and her historic legal victory that led to the abolishment of slavery in Massachusetts, inspiring future generations to fight for their freedom and fundamental rights.

Her case set a significant precedent in US history - a landmark decision that would play an important role in emancipating enslaved African Americans.

This momentous event is a testament to what we can achieve when we unite against unrighteousness, giving us the strength to face the future with hope and confidence in Christ! Who the Son sets free, is free indeed—John 8:36.

Our Library Day!

Our homeschool co-op held its Read-a-thon at Woodson Regional Library yesterday! The children had a fun-filled day with various reading activities. We learned about Mumbet, an enslaved African-American who won her freedom through a court ruling and became an important leader in the US abolition movement.

We also participated in Story Hour with the Librarian and collaborated on some shared reading time! Are you interested in getting the kiddos to read more? Join us on Wednesday, February 22, for our Read-a-thon at the Library!

Please show your support for #OurCommunityReads by tagging us or using #ReadathonForEducation today!

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