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Behind-the-Scenes Look: Interview with Latasha Fields on Illinois' Education Crisis

I am blessed to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a recent interview I had the honor of participating in, filmed right here in Chicago with Ryan Matta and JJ Carrell. You can get access to the full documentary at

Discover the shocking truth about the ongoing genocide targeting the black community, from illegal immigration to failing education.

Illinois' $6.3 Billion Crisis: Only 35% of Kids Can Read, 27% Proficient in Math - Chicago's Black Students at an Alarming 83% Below Grade Level.

The staggering statistics surrounding the academic performance of Black children in Chicago Public Schools are appalling. With 83% not reading at grade level and an astonishing 92% lacking proficiency in math, it is evident that the system is failing these students on a catastrophic scale.

Despite the $6.3 billion funding in the fiscal year 2023 and $30K per student to CPS, the academic performance remains unconscionably low. This dismal reality raises serious questions about the efficacy of resource allocation and the fundamental approach to education within the district.

Are we to sustain a failing system teetering on the edge of irreparable collapse?

No! Urgent and radical reforms are imperative to address this unacceptable crisis and ensure that every child receives a quality education. But, wait, I'm not referring to reforming a broken system, yet working just as intended, but rather reforming the way we perceive education.

Let's look at this through the lens of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who stated,

"I fear I have led my people into a burning building."

I'm referring to a perspective: whereas we tried, we gave it a good go, but it didn't work out; it has been a slow but steady failure that has been fully exposed since the post-COVID era. Therefore, it's time to release this inordinate allegiance to the government and EXIT!

Every wicked, inconceivable evil scheme of the enemy has, on many levels, been revealed.

Therefore, we must not ignore this miserable failure that is currently harming hundreds and thousands of children daily in public schools; we must break up this monopoly and spearhead healthy growth in educational outcomes for our children's future.

We must seriously consider alternative approaches, such as Booker T. Washington's education model of creating our own community schools, to take back control and autonomy of our children's education. Obviously, we can better address the root causes of educational disparities and provide more flexibility and personalized support for Black students to excel academically, personally, and spiritually.

We can not, in good conscience, persist in perpetuating and pushing families, particularly black families, into a system that has caused more harm than good for 91 years. Quite frankly, the timeline of education spans from 1635 to 1954 to now, during which there were individuals whom I like to refer to as purveyors who worked diligently to reshape the fabric of America by strategically weaponizing government education with secular humanistic and Marxist ideologies.

Our children seem to be deliberately deprived of a quality education. According to the Department of Justice, reading failure is linked to academic failure, delinquency, violence, and crime, which leads one to believe that our children are being strategically molded for the school-to-prison pipeline, which inevitably leads to their destruction.

It's time we uncover the truth behind these numbers and address the systemic failures that are harming our children, by exiting.

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Together, we can stand against the spiritual and systemic aspects of this oppression and work towards God-ordained change that instills a Biblical worldview in our children, families, and communities.

Thank you for your continued support. Blessings!


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