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Happy Family

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From hands-on training to community walks, EPIC volunteers empower individuals from all walks of life to remain diligent and intentional about advancing our shared values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our path to restoration: Connect to Inform to Change

We speak with one mind and one voice...

Our Life Initiatives

  • Empowers individuals to be bold about their faith in political endeavors.  

  • Empowers individuals to no longer be beholden to political correctness. 

the government

won't usurp our God-given parental rights

the government 

won't violate our constitutional rights

the government

won't overtax our households

the government

won't sexually indoctrinate our children

the government 

won't take away our body autonomy.

the government

won't suppress economic opportunities

Together, we stand to empower parents to take the lead. 

We care. Connect with us, Today. 

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Empowering parents and igniting communities is a beacon of hope! It's time to break up the fallow ground, become a voice for change, and advocate for transformation!

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