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How Did We Get Here?
How Did We Get Here?

Sun, Oct 22


Englewood Community Center Rm 209

How Did We Get Here?

It's time to bring order to the chaos and prioritize the well-being of our families.

Time & Location

Oct 22, 2023, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Englewood Community Center Rm 209, 838 W Marquette Rd, Chicago, IL 60621, USA

About the event

United in the fight, stronger together!

As many are aware, and continue to raise awareness about the perilous times we live in, the fight continues.

The fight to bring order to the chaos and prioritize the well-being of our families. It is shocking to learn that a staggering 83% of our children are struggling with reading skills, and an alarming 92% are currently failing in math. What makes this even more concerning is that our taxes are increasing while our children's proficiency levels are decreasing.

In 2019, we were paying $20, 979 per student per year, with 82% struggling in reading and 87% failing in math. Currently, we are paying $29, 207 per student per year, and the reading and math levels are even lower. The system is failing our children; they’re being dumbed down!

Additionally, the concerning issue of explicit sexual content (Comprehensive Sex Ed) being exposed to our children in public schools demands immediate attention! Parents do not send their children to school to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation, masturbation, or how to consent to sexual activities. These topics are inappropriate for children of any age, as they are harmful and contribute to grooming them.

It is time to reimagine education by removing our kids from government schools, establishing our own schools, supporting parental choice in education (such as the Invest in Kids Acts), and consistently advocating for and protecting the authority of parents.

Revitalize. Rebuild. Restore.

Furthermore, our communities are currently facing economic challenges as a result of disinvestment. The issue of illegal migration further exacerbates these problems, putting additional strain on our already struggling households and placing an excessive tax burden on our communities. It is evident that immediate attention and effective solutions are needed to address these pressing issues and restore the vitality of our communities.

After our informational session, we invite you to a Call to Action canvassing workshop on Sunday, October 29, 2023, from 3-7 PM. Our main objective is to engage with our community, have conversations with our neighbors (through door-knocking), raise more awareness, and work collaboratively to find effective solutions to the issues.

However, the solution is NOT more government; it is LESS government. We must continue striving for greater self-preservation and self-autonomy to protect our families, children, and communities. Instead of relying solely on the government to fix our problems, we should take MORE proactive measures ourselves.

The government, both at the federal and local levels, seems to prioritize their own agenda over protecting our basic rights. Year after year, they have greatly taken for granted our sovereign duty to participate in democracy, eroding and violating the very foundations of our democratic system. It is crucial that we, as citizens, take on MORE responsibility in preserving our own freedoms.

Building Communities, Reducing Government

Let us collaborate to ensure that our families, children, and community have hope and a promising future. Promoting a stronger sense of community can reduce our reliance on government intervention.

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