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Amos 3:3 Partnership

Our Amos 3:3 Partners is a free association of organizations working together to protect traditional conservative values. We are connected by this living legacy, which inspires us and strengthens our bond in purpose and solidarity.  By working together, we can achieve even greater heights than what any of us could have accomplished on our own.


We are fortunate to have the support of our Amos 3:3 Partners; together, we can amplify our collective voices and power to bring about change. History has proven that unity is the source of a nation's strength; we continue that work today.


Join Our Movement

We are excited to partner with organizations that are dedicated to achieving the same vision of hope and restoration for our State that Team Illinois works for. For your organization to be considered, it must agree that Biblical principles provide a unique perspective to better understand public policy, serve others, and build community efficacy.

For more information on how to become an Amos 3:3 partner, please contact us.

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