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Meet The Team

Team Illinois is a movement powered by passionate citizens from all walks of life, who are committed to rebuilding their communities through hands-on service and education. By adhering to our Biblical values, principles, and ideas, we come together as a collective force to strive for a better state.


Ronald & Latasha Fields, BS

Founders of Team Illinois

Evangelists, Home Educators, Education and Parental Rights Advocates, 21st Ward Republican Committeewoman & 5th Ward Field Organizer, Pro-Life and 2A Advocates,  (Chicago/Washington Heights)


Devin Jones, BA

U.S. Navy Vet, former private school educator, Chairman of Southside Republicans and 18th Ward Committeeman, Political Strategist and Civic Education, School Choice, Pro-Life and 2A Advocate  (Chicago/Ashburn)


Angela Harris, MA

Wife, Mom of 4, Home Educator, Navy Vet, Parental Rights, Medical and Health Freedom,, and Mental Health Awareness, Pro-Life Advocate (Chicago/West Pullman)


Vetiveah Harrison, BS

Homeschooled-to-College Grad, Food Equity and Economic Development Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Pro-Life Advocate (Chicago/Washington Heights)


Leslee Dirnberger, J.D.

Education Consultant, Founder, Aspire Education; Parental Rights Advocate; Speaker; Teacher; Former Home Educator (Barrington)


Debra Williams

Mother, Grandmother, Family/Children Advocate, Early Childhood Development, Owner/Founder of Little Champions For Christ Childcare, Zion Township Republican Chairwomen

(Lake County)


Jackie Guider, BA

Minister, Mom, Grandmother, Intercessor, Community Advocate, License in Ministry of Practical Government, Founder of Youth How You Living? (Chicago/Austin)


Michelle Yates

Wife, Mother of 4, Grandmother, Entrepreneur, former Home Educator, Childhood Education, Parental Rights, and Pro-Life Advocate (Bellwood)


Vanessa Roman

Stay-at-home Mom of 3, Home Educator, Medical Freedom fighter and Parental Rights Advocate

(Chicago/Humboldt Park)


Amanda Miller, BA

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Medical and Health Freedom Advocate (McHenry County)


Nikeya Young, MA

Loving Wife, “Slay-at-Home” Homeschooling Mama Bear of 3, Minister, former Public School Teacher


Stephanie Duncan, MBA

Home Educator, Entrepreneur and Parental Rights Advocate (McHenry County)


Meliss Klabel

Christian, Business Owner, 'life-longer', Education and Parental Rights Advocate, Candidate for Brimfield School Board Member



Ashley Merced

Home Educator, Small Business Owner, Parental Rights, and Medical Freedom Advocate



Julia Joseph, BBA

Homeschool Mom, U.S. Army Vet, Human Resource and Marketing, Parents Rights and Medical Freedom Advocate



Voneita Whitehead, BA

Mom, Grandmother, Minister, Elementary School Teacher, Entrepreneur, Pro-Life Advocate



Dinora Ruiz

God fearing Christian Constitutional conservative, Married homeschooling mom of 8 for 25+ years, Content Creator, Parental & Pro-Life Advocate, Precinct Committeewoman for Joliet 22 (Will County)

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Team Illinois stands for hope and empowerment! It's time to break up the fallow ground by becoming a voice for change! 

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