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Illinois’ biggest fraud on its voters

Yet is coming in its official description of proposed constitutional amendment – Wirepoints

In your mailbox, within the next few weeks, you will receive what is probably the most preposterous thing you’ve ever seen from the State of Illinois.

The office of the Secretary of State will publish and distribute the state’s official pamphlet describing the so-called “Workers’ Rights Amendment,” or Amendment 1, which will be on the ballot for voters to approve or reject in this November’s election. If passed, the amendment will create a new, personal constitutional right to organize and to bargain collectively and to negotiate safety conditions, wages, hours, working conditions, and “economic welfare.”

“This amendment will protect workers’ and others’ safety,” it starts out. Wrong, worker safety is covered by federal OSHA rules; preemption clearly applies. As to what is meant by “others’ safety,” who knows? Since the amendment purports to cover all workers “economic interests,” maybe that means dependents or others. That’s just one of many matters that could be litigated forever.

But the Workers’ Rights Amendment would supersede all of that 2013 law, giving every state employee the same, vague constitutional right.

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