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EPIC Moment | A little leaven!

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Empowering Parents Igniting Communities

Parents, a little leaven of untruth, a little bit of false teachings such as gender identity, and impure thoughts like masturbation can significantly affect a child's innocence and open up spiritual doors in their life that have the power and potential to create ungodly desires in them.

My heart is to empower you and help you cultivate this wonderful gift of parenting and build invaluable relationships with your children, which can and should include you taking back your authority to educate them!

EPIC Cafe is where you can be encouraged and inspired weekly in your walk with the Lord to fight and advocate for your God-given right and authority to train and direct the care and education of your child! God chose you to be the vessel to protect His gift! So be vigilant, bold, and louder in your faith to protect and secure your parental rights and safeguard your child's well-being and education autonomy!

Happy Podcasting!

Tune in weekly, grab a cup of coffee and take this amazing journey with me!

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