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For years, we have been collectively fighting for parental rights as God-given and fundamental rights. We envision a future that deeply respects parenthood, granting parents the authority to make decisions for their families and recognize their right to raise them as they see fit.


By upholding the dignity of parenthood, society, and law can ensure kids receive quality education and care in a loving environment.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for parents to make decisions due to the growing invasive invasiveness and aggressiveness. In addition, navigating the ever-changing regulations and procedures, especially regarding the education and medical system, can be challenging.


Furthermore, these policies can often have long-term implications for families and their children, making it all the more important to be informed and aware of their political consequences as they relate to the stability of one's household and the expression of God's divine order.

We are united by our shared values, principles, and ideas that strengthen our cause and the state. 


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Latasha H. Fields

Founder of Team Illinois

Home Educator, Education, and Parental Rights Advocate, and 21st Ward Republican Committeewoman



Devin Jones

Chairman of Southside Republicans and 18th Ward Committeeman 

Political Strategist, Policy and Civic Education Coordinator



Angela Harris

Home Educator, Parental Rights, Medical and Health Freedom Advocate 



Vetiveah Harrison

Food Equity and Economic Development Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator



Leslee D., JD

Home Educator, Education Consultant, Parental Rights Advocate



Geno Young

Assistant Manager



Debra Williams

Communication and Outreach Coordinator

(Lake County)


Meliss Klabel

Art Director


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