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Building Fund


Education Reimagined: Expanding Our School.


Only 11% of Black children can read at grade level, and only 5% are proficient in math.

That is unconscionable;
together, we can make a difference.


Purchase a building


Make a difference

School Teacher

Expanding our reach: Invest in family today.

A quality learning environment for kids is essential for their personal development.

We need to raise funds to purchase a larger space, which will enable us to increase our reach and serve even more families.


Quality education should be accessible to all children, and a safe and secure learning environment is indispensable for their success.

Purchaing a school
The Challenges

Parents face numerous challenges with government education, such as poor academic performance, explicit sexualized curriculum, LGBTQ+ agenda, lack of authentic Black American history, excessive racial divisiveness, and unsafe learning environments; as a result, our children are suffering from the lack of quality education and resources that are needed for them to succeed in life.


This has led to an increasing number of parents looking for alternative solutions for their children's educational needs.

Modern Classroom
Teen Prayer Group
Our Vision

To provide parents with a place to send their children so they can achieve success in life, rooted in biblical wisdom and understanding. Children deserve a loving, family-oriented environment that encourages a God-given love of exploration and curiosity.

Providing this kind of education as their foundation is invaluable and highly beneficial in increasing literacy rates and setting the foundation for a productive and self-determined life.

Are you looking to support a school that offers education from a Biblical worldview, which develops thinking and reasoning skills while imparting knowledge and abilities?

Looking Through Microscope

We   Transparency

We acknowledge our responsibility to God and the contributors who provide resources for our mission through individual and corporate donations, as it is the Lord Who blesses us with these supplies. We take our responsibility as faithful stewards of money seriously, with a commitment to upholding integrity and transparency in our financial practices. 


Investing in our Future. Giving Hope.

By helping us expand, children will gain access to a great educational atmosphere designed to facilitate their growth and development, strong parental involvement, and provide them with the necessary resources to excel academically, spiritually and personally.

It's time to rescue Chicago's children. Will you help us? Will you donate? We need tremendous community support! So please contribute your best from your heart and contact us to help in other ways.

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